The book one of the SoulFlight Series - First Flight

Plot--- In another dimensionthree souls—Selene, Apollo, and Artemis—are called upon to take their roles as Destinies.  Without any details, they’re torn away from the only place they’ve ever known, and born into new bodies in a new world,   Earth.  When they arrive, they have only three things in mind.  The prophecy, the truth, and the Destined—three wolf pups by the names of Eclipse, Rain, and Talon. 

More than just their own lives are on the line, as they try to uncover their own destinies.  Thus a journey to reveal the truth in a world where nothing is what it seems begins, and the fates of many lie in the hands of the Destinies and their Destined.

First Flight, the book one of the SoulFlight Series, was written in the summer of 2010.  The book is published by Little Wolf Publishing.  

We are also working on a Chinese Version (中文版) of the book.  Please check 飞灵 for updates.

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