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So it all begins. My preparation is over. Icy fire engulfs me as I am dragged away from the peace around me. Somewhere along the way, I lose my preparation along with every other thought I’ve had.

Moments later, in my disoriented state, air finds its way into my system. I have a body now.

I explore the new shell that contains me, my brain directing commands. Energy surges through me as I feel arms, which stretch to hands, then fingers. They are mine. I trail the soft pads across my skin, rejoicing at this new sensation. 

Slowly, I will my eyes to open, to embrace sight once more. I lift my eyelids only to find sharp pain, needles stabbing into me. I squeeze my eyes shut once more, and then try again. This time, blurred images flow into my brain, which pieces them together. 

Turning around, my eyes fall upon the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen—in my few moments of life. He has arms, hands, and fingers like me. The edges of his lips curve up, and I know that it is something good. A rush of… joy pulses through me, and my lips curve up too. The word that holds the meaning of this curve of the lips hits me. Smile.

Slowly, I make my way towards this person, my legs unstable and weak. A sharp feeling runs through my nerves to my brain. It isn’t good. A moment later, I find myself sprawled on the ground. Pain. The word itself is sharp in my mind. I gently will myself to get up. The parts of my body move, pushing me into the standing stance once more.

“Now that you are done testing your bodies, it’s time to give you your task.” The ears on the sides of my head take in the sounds. Immediately these sounds mean something, more words that form sentences.

I spin around, looking for the owner of these words. The beautiful person and I aren’t the only ones present in this place. There are two other forms, one who faintly resembles the beautiful person, but without so much beauty. The other is different from us, but he feels familiar. He lacks proper fingers, stands on four legs, and is covered in a dark coat, although his feet and hands are of a crisp white color. My fingers move to my ears. Those are different too. His look like rounded triangles and are situated in a different place than mine. He doesn’t look the same as us, but he feels the same. He feels familiar.

My thoughts are cut short as a shudder sends me to my knees. Images force their way into my mind while others disappear. Emotions rack my body, draining me of my newly found senses. They aren’t new though… the disappearing images and the senses. They’re the memories I had before I was dragged away from the peace. They show everything, but my fingers can’t grasp them. Convulsions run through me followed by horrible feelings. Pain. Intense, obliterating pain tears me apart from inside to out. I hear cries, pleads to make them stop, but unlike before, I can’t decipher the words.

Finally, the last of the images settle in my mind, replacing everything I had before. I open my eyes, not realizing they were closed earlier. I drag myself up, pushing away from the ground. Carefully, I place my feet underneath me, still shaking. I feel as though I’ve lost everything, but so many new thoughts fill my mind.

One stands out above all. I need to find someone. Everything depends on finding this one soul. Her name is Rain.

“Selene,” the voice says, “Apollo. Artemis. It is time to fulfill your part. You are Destinies.”

I run over the only things I need to know.

My name is Selene.

I am a Destiny.

I need to find Rain. 

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