About Me

Jenna Wu
(吴书敏) has always had a love for the wonders of nature, including of course, wolves. At 11 years old, the first ideas for the SoulFlight series began to form. Inspired by the intelligence of wolves and using her adoration for fantasy, she wrote the first novel in the  SoulFlight (飞灵)series. Aside from writing, she enjoys various performing, musical, and visual arts. Jenna lives in Ohio with her parents, her brother (who is attending college,) 
and her dog, Yugi.

 (paperback) is NOW available in the online Store of Little Wolf Publishing.
The book is also available in Little Professor Book Center, Athens, OH. Map

Previews are available at:

 Google Books (online reading)

Amazon Kindle Store (download first 8 chapters)

 First Flight iBooks (ePub format): Price: USD $2.99 at iTune iBookStore (Apple ID: 393457064).  

Available in US UK; Canada; FranceGermany; Australia.

Download it to your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch (with iOS4).  It is not compatible with the 1st generation of iPhone and iPod.

a First Flight eBooks (multiple formats): Price: USD $2.99 aAmazon Kindle Store 
(ASIN: B0043EVBX4).

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